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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs develops, implements and presents Israel's foreign policy and promotes its economic, cultural and scientific relations. The Ministry’s website features information on Israel’s foreign affairs, presents facts about Israel, its history and government, and provides additional useful data.
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Foreign Missions in Israel
Addresses and telephone numbers of all Foreign Missions in Israel, by continent.
Israeli Missions Abroad
Addresses and telephone numbers of Israeli embassies and consulates abroad, by continent.
Press Releases
Review the latest press releases issued by the Ministry
Behind the Headlines
Background information and detailed examination of current events.
Key Treaties and Agreements
Review key treaties and agreements starting from the Camp David accords from 1978.
Bilateral Agreements
Read about political, economic and cultural agreements signed between Israel and other states.
Mashav Agency for International Development Cooperation
A division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Mashav program operates throughout the developing world with the aim of ensuring social, economic and environmental sustainable development. Learn more about Mashav's activities, training and courses. forum forum

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