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Bank of Israel
Bank of Israel
The Bank of Israel is the central bank of the State and its authority is derived from The Bank of Israel Law. The Bank's main goal is to maintain price stability. It furthermore supports the government's economic objectives and upholds the stability of the financial system
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Vision and Objectives
Learn about the Bank's goals, values and objectives for the coming years
Organizational Structure
Organizational structure and position holders
The Banking System in Israel
Get acquainted with the Israeli Banking system, read relevant publications, documents, reports and press releases, and stay informed on recent legislations regulations
Monetary Policy
Review publication, press releases and additional up-to-date information regarding the Bank's monetary policy and the means by which it promotes economic growth and stability
Visitor's Center
Intended for the general public, the Bank's visitor center includes exhibitions, interactive stations and films that familiarize the public with the Bank's functions and present the historical development of money in Israel forum forum

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